You are the Senior Manager of a major wireless tel...

Case Study (New Generation Internet Service)
You are the Senior Manager of a major wireless telecommunications provider. Your main
competitor in this industry has recently announced that they will be releasing a new generation
internet service that will significantly increase internet access speeds for wireless devices (e.g.
smartphones, tablets)
In the last Board Meeting, you were chosen to determine whether your company should also
consider deploying a similar service. The new generation service is based on an entirely new
technology and as such will require customers to buy new wireless devices
The Board has a few concerns:
? High cost associated with replacement of IT equipment and systems
? Will this new technology be readily adopted by customers
? Is this the technology of the future?
? Will the competitor be stealing your customers?

Requirements:write a report for the Board discussing the benefits of your suggested plan of

action and risks associated to it.
? How long to wait?
? Adopt / Ignore the new technology
? What information will you look at for the basis of your decision
? How will you determine the costs and benefits of upgrading to the new
Being a senior manager, you have access to various resources which can help in your decision
? corporate database
? Information on billing, customers
? Marketing team
? Technical Research Team

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