You are getting ready to buy a house, but want to ...

You are getting ready to buy a house, but want to determine if you can afford it.  You did a bit of research and found that the new lending guidelines require that your mortgage (including the principal, interest, taxes and insurance payments) must be less than 28% of your income.  Additionally, your debt to income ratio must be less than 36%. This includes all your debt payments – loans, child support, credit cards, this new mortgage, etc.

You realize that these “guidelines” are actually percentages – ratios and rational numbers.  Before asking a lender, you can do the math yourself to see if you qualify!  Using the info below, determine if you can qualify for a mortgage on each of the properties listed below.

Use Excel’s PMT function to calculate the monthly mortgage payment (principal and interest).

Discuss at least 3 mathematical concepts that you used to complete this assignment.

Determine if you qualify for a mortgage on each of the properties, according the mortgage lending guidelines stated above.

Synthesize your process, research, and results in the Conclusion

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