you are asked to recommend foodstuffs from the lis...

you are asked to recommend foodstuffs from the list below to five people. Select the single best foodstuff to supplement his/her current diet. If appropriate decide on the nutrient deficiency that the person may be suffering from. Explain the physiology and biochemistry underlying your choice in each case. (You can use the same food more than once and if you think there are foods of equal usefulness you can list those together):
(a) guava (b) liver (c) cows milk (d) carrots (e) spinach (f) unpolished rice (g) chocolate bar (h) brazil nuts (i) steak
1)A truck driver who cannot drive at night because of poor night vision.
2) A woman with macrocytic anemia and accompanying sensory loss in the lower legs.
3) A young woman who suffers from fatigue and who has very heavy menstrual bleeding.
4) A member of the Antarctic expedition who has been eating canned foods for a year and who now suffers from bleeding gums.
5) A healthy student backpacking across the Rockies for a week.
6) An infant weighing 70% of that expected for height and age and who has general edema, a distended abdomen, and very thin legs.
7) A bicycle racer who has very sore legs after training.
8) A dark skinned vegetarian, who seldom sunbathes and who now suffers from osteopenia .
9) A person suffering from diarrhea, dementia and dermatitis.
10) A pregnant woman who does not want her unborn baby to suffer from spina bifida.

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