You are an international manager. An executive for...

Create report that Describes Advantages and Challenges of adding a Culture to Multinational Organization

Unit IV Executive Recommendation

You are an international manager. An executive for your organization asked you to create a report describing the advantages and challenges associated with Doing Business in China, Russia, India, France, Brazil, or Arab countries. The executive needs your help to make a big decision—capitalizing on an opportunity in one of those countries. You know the executive very well and that he/she only wants your top recommendation. Create a two page report that describes the advantages and challenges (the impact) of adding a culture to your multinational organization by using the following criteria:

a. Select an industry (i.e., Technology, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Energy, Communications, Banking, etc.)
b. Select your top cultural recommendation. (i.e., country)
c. Describe why the cultural recommendation is a good match for your organization.
d. Describe why the cultural recommendation is a good match for the industry.
e. Describe the challenges of the recommended culture.

Consider using the data available in Table 5-1 on page 143 of Luthans and Doh (2012). Also, refer to the information on pages 152-163 of Luthans and Doh (2012) to support your recommendation. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze all of the cultural factors while making a big decision as an international manager.

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