Write a research paper that addresses the impact o...

The first year of an infant’s life is a time of tremendous growth and change. During this time, parents may experience a full spectrum of emotions—from joy and exhilaration to exhaustion and desperation. While most infants achieve the same milestones during the first year, the path to getting there varies widely. This assignment highlights the diversity in infant development and parenting practices. It is very important to be familiar with this stage of development since the first year is certainly a time when many families seek support from human service agencies.

Write a research paper that addresses the impact of cultural diversity on infant development.


Write a  research paper that addresses the impact of culture (e.g., race, ethnicity, nationality, religious or spiritual identity, family make-up, economic resources, and language) on infant development. Your paper should address the following questions:

What aspects of infant development are considered to be universal?
What aspects of infant development are largely shaped by cultural influences?
How do infant parenting practices vary with each cultural group?
How are physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development shaped by cultural influences?

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