In this assignment, the topics fall into a few categories:1) an armed conflict, 2) a political or cultural conflict, or 3) a memorial, painting, or photograph.

The deliverable for this assignment: a 6-7 page summary (12-point Times font, double-spaced, in MS Word) that explains the details of your topic.  This page limit does not include citations.  You will collect information that answers the following questions, depending on the nature of your topic.

For a topic related to a conflict:

- What were the causes?
- What were the main events?
- What ended the conflict?  What side is considered the victor?  Was there one?
- What were 3-4 effects or outcomes of the event?
- Are there signs that this conflict still affects relations between the entities involved?  What are they?

For a topic related to a memorial, photograph, or painting:

- Explain the immediate images being represented;
- Who created this/these?
- What was the larger context for this representation?
- Is there any sort of detail or “story” about the individuals who are represented?

If you have questions about the best approach for the topic you’d like to pursue, please contact me.  This is best done early in your project.

Papers should be grammar and spell-checked, as these factors will figure into the grade for the assignment.  You are also required to include a separate page of “Sources Cited,” and your paper will not be graded without this.

A good place to start your research is LIRN.

You will also find these instructions in Doc Sharing as Final Paper.

** You should use at least four sources for this assignment.  Please cite them in your paper, in the form of a “sources cited” section on a subsequent page, in MLA format.  This does not count toward the page requirement.  Note: You will not receive a grade unless this is included with your paper.

Do not use Wikipedia.  This site is barred for use in reports by the college, and will not be accepted in this assignment.

For additional guidance, and rules related to plagiarism, please see the posts entitled “What Is Plagiarism?” and “Resources & Research Assignments.”

Report Topics

Pullman Strike, 1894

Seneca Falls Convention, 1848

Sacco & Vanzetti

Emma Goldman

Uncle Sam

General Washington crossing the Delaware (painting, Lentze, 1851)

Vietnam Memorial

Migrant Mother (photo by Dorothea Lange, 1936)

Iwo Jima statue

V-J Day (photo by Eisenstadt, 1945)

Marlboro Marine (photo, 2004)

Haymarket riots, 1886

Los Angeles riots, 1992

Watts Riots, 1965

Manzanar Relocation Camp

Manhattan Project

Columbia (figure portrayed on cover of Week 3 presentation)

Zoot Suit Riots, 1942

Cesar Chavez

Comic book censorship, 1950′s

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