use of information systems in customer relationshi...

The report must be based on discussions with real strategic managers and should encompass an analysis of the host companies strategic use of information in the area of investigation plus the arguments put forward by the group and the responses given by the strategic manager in a discursive format and must fall into this chapter category starting from Chapter 4.5

4.5. Use of IS for CRM
4.5.1 IS and strategy
4.5.2 turning data into information, into knowledge, into profitable results
4.6. Strategic decisions and issues
4.6.1 why
4.6.2 who
4. 6.3 why
4.7.  Making an effective marketing strategy
4.7.1 relationship between levels of management.
4.7.2 strategic manager
4.7.3 tactical manager
4.7.4 operational management
4.8. Industry description
4.8.1 competitive rivalry
4.8.2 barriers of entry
4.8.3 bargaining power of customer’s
4.8.4 bargaining power of supplier
4.8.5 threats of substitution
4.8.6 market and industry development
4.9. Future of CRM strategy in Company XYZ

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