The manipulation of information in Media through P...

1) choose better visual examples to apply to your discussion and make sure that your work is proof-read for clarity, spelling and grammar, before uploading.

2) apply some good quotes from the Likes of Sontag and Barthes

3) Intro – 600 words approx.    introduce the subject first in general terms. next introduce the questions and ideas you will be discussing in your essay. next  introduce how your chapters will answer or address your questions.

4) divide work into 2-4 chapters  (each chapter must be of about equal length  )

5) each chapter should begin with a sentence or two  introducing it,  and it should end with a sentence or two leading to the next chapter.

6) include a range of research (quoted and referenced)  discussing truth and photography  and choose images that illustrate your points

7) your conclusion should summarize your main points  and also be around 600 words

8) Harvard Referencing

* All work should be updated every time it reaches 1500 words in order for my tutor to view it.

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