The long-term benefits of a college degree.

Illustration Essay Requirements

1.  Audience- classmates and teacher

2.  Purpose- to inform or entertain

3.  Goal- to support your thesis with strong examples, to prove your point with solid


4.  Subject-

·        The long-term benefits of a college degree.

5.  Organization Method- least important to most important, chronological, or

6.  Length- two to three pages, 12-font, and double-spaced.

7.  Unity-  be sure all examples support your thesis or main point.

8.  Structure- must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

9.  Support-  choose relevant, useful, and representative examples.
Don’t exaggerate or understate your evidence; be as accurate as possible.
Consider your audience and pick examples that would appeal to the interests
of your audience.

10. Suggestions-  use several examples rather than one long example.

Each paragraph should express one clear key idea.

Provide sufficient detail and avoid being vague or too abstract.

Begin with an attention getter in your introduction, and remind
your reader of your main points and thesis in your conclusion.

A memorable quote or startling statistic can also be included to end with
a flourish.

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