Strategic Evaluation for Production Diversificatio...

Evaluation of production plant processes, manufacturing flexibility and readiness to enter new market segment. Proposal for innovative business culture, operational efficacy and alignment with marketing and sales.


Company X is a supplier to the watch industry that produces finished dials, base plates and work dials, for the watch industry.

Objectives are to develop strategy for growth and to mitigate risks: by developing Optimal Product Mix and flexibility to manufacture complimentary products for other industry segments; such as, Measuring Instrument, Med Tech, and other.

Business process and network relationship mapping; new products manufacturing feasibility (prototype, testing) COGS, pricing strategy, profit margin, and value proposition, i.e.


·      Defined internal process and capacity. (completed section)

·      Market analysis (Completed for wrist watch dials at different price and segment  ,but  not for the new products):

. Identified Key customers and new products for production pipeline diversification


New product proposal 1: Wrist watch Dial indexes; which is similar  market and target client data  as for  dials. but with a new SWOT and financial analysis

New product proposal 2:  Measuring Instrument dials: Some data avail. still working on research. Need SWOT and financial analysis

·      Internal procedures and innovative tactics for manufacturing flexibility and efficacy


. Internal alignment of company mission with sales and marketing

·      Internship hands on experience documentation (production, and promotion, i.e.)

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