Reasons for reporting and not reporting domestic v...

The researcher(s) primary research question
• The criminological theory (or theories) tested in the article. Please provide an overview
of the theory based on what the author(s) write in the article itself.
• An overview of the previous literature; what have prior scholars and researchers found on
this topic? (this can be a very brief summary)
• The data source(s) used. Please be sure to describe why the data source(s) is an example
of official law enforcement data, self-report data, or victimization data. Provide as much
information and detail as possible on this. If they also used secondary data, please
mention this as well. Does the data source selected seem appropriate to answer the
research question? If so, how/why?
• The research findings. You can obtain the research findings by reading the “Conclusion”
section of the article without having to read the analysis section and without having to
interpret any statistics.
• What information did you learn from reading this article that you did not know before?
• Please provide a bibliographical citation for the article you read (the bibliography page is
not included in your page count)

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