Provide a one-page description of a stressful even...

Provide a one-page description of a stressful event  currently occurring in your life. Then referring to information you learned  throughout this course, address the following:

1. Describe the physiological  changes in the brain that occur due to the stress response.

2. What emotional and  cognitive effects might occur due to this stressful situation?

3. Would the above changes (physiological, cognitive, or  emotional) be any different if the same stress were being experienced by a  person of the opposite sex, or someone much older or younger than you?

4.If the situation continues, how might your physical health be  affected?

5.Describe 3 behavioral strategies that you could implement to reduce the  effects of this stressor. Explain how each behavior could cause changes in  brain physiology (for example, exercise can raise serotonin levels).

6. Would there be any ethical considerations you would  have to keep in mind as you seek to implement these behavioral strategies to  reduce the effects of this stressor? How would you ensure your strategies do  not negatively impact other aspects of your life or those in your life?

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