Project and Quality Management

A project manager should not have other managerial responsibilities.’ Critically comment on this statement.

Identify the topics
Difference between PM and GM, project organisation
Identify the theoretical framework
Project complexity, matrix/functional/project structure, preferable characteristics of a PM
Develop the argument
For and against (it depends…)
Make a conclusion
One can make a conclusion based on the discussion above…

2- Explain why establishing a clear understanding of the scope of a project is important to its likely success. How can the priorities of the project be identified and what role does a Work Breakdown Structure play in structuring the project planning process?Quality Management

Identify the elements and basic principles of Total Quality Management. As part of your answer discuss why historically TQM implementations have not always been perceived as successful.

Using examples from your own experience or from those provided on the course discuss what could be done to improve the chances of a successful implementation.
Using examples from the following industries, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the 7 Quality Tools in aiding the control of quality.

Industry 1  -  The manufacture of aircraft engine components
Industry 2  -    The operations of a regional airport
Industry 3  -    The Surgical unit of a local hospital

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