Part One: Your client, a large European holding co...

Part one:

Part One: Your client, a large European holding company, which had acquired chains of do-it-yourself (DIY) stores in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, has announced it plans to sell off these chains. The IT Director for the stores in France is worried about his future with the company and has asked you to provide him with a high-level overview of the DIY stores in the United States. Create a visual representation of the following data:


Company Name Store Type Annual Sales ($B)
Ace Hardware National Franchise Store 12
Do-It-Best National Franchise Store 2
Home Depot Big Box 66
Lowe’s Big Box 47
Menard’s Big Box 8
Sears Department store with DIY Dept. 47
Target Department store with DIY Dept. 60
True Value National Franchise Store 2
Wal-Mart Department store with DIY dept. 405

Part two:

Part Two: The Executive-level decision to a.) consolidate the country chains onto one, shared, IT platform was subsequently replaced by a decision to b.) sell the country chains to an as yet unidentified buyer (or buyers). Considering the frameworks of normative, descriptive, prescriptive, and naturalistic decision making (described in sections 10.1 and 10.11 of the course text), which approach would you say has been characteristic of the holding company executives? Explain the rationale for your opinion.

Part Three:

The decision to sell the store country chains instead of merging them onto a modified version of one of their internally-developed IT systems initially suggested that the internally-developed system used as the base for supporting all five countries would need to considered in a new light, and that it should be modified to be very open and flexible, so that the new, shared IT system would be more attractive to the as-yet unidentified buyer (or buyers). However, subsequent discussions have questioned whether this is the right approach. Some believe that no changes should be made to the current IT systems (which each country chain had developed in-house) since it was not known who the buyer(s) might be and what would make the IT systems most attractive to them. Others believe the correct approach would be to convert to a commercial off-the-shelf suite of applications, which could then, theoretically, be used by any buyer(s). Still others prefer the first idea, which was to merge all the country chains onto one, shared (but modified) in-house-developed system. As the consultant, what do you recommend regarding: 1. Who should be involved in the decision? (refer to section 10.5), 2. Which cognitive styles would be best-suited for solving this problem? (refer to Table 9.1), and 3. Which creative approaches to analysis would you recommend? (refer to sections 9.6, 9.7, 9.8, and 9.9).


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