On June 1, 2005, Antonio Perez, Eastman Kodak’s ...

Eastman Kodak: Meeting the Digital Challenge Case Study Analysis

On June 1, 2005, Antonio Perez, Eastman Kodak’s chief operating officer, took over as CEO from Dan Carp. It was quite clear to him why he had been appointed and what the Kodak board expected from him. He had been recruited from Hewlett-Packard (HP) two years earlier because of his successful leadership of HP’s digital imaging initiatives. There he had run HP’s inkjet printing business and, subsequently, as CEO of consumer business, he had led HP’s efforts to build its business in digital imaging and electronic publishing. As CEO of Eastman Kodak (Kodak) his task was to continue the journey begun by his predecessors, George Fisher and Dan Carp, in transforming Kodak from a photographic company into a world leader in digital imaging.

His first eight months in the job showed progress towards this goal. In 2005, Kodak was U.S. market leader in digital still cameras and ranked third worldwide (see Case Table 7.1). With its 75,000 retail photo kiosks and the leading online digital photography service (EasyShare Gallery), Kodak led the retail market for printing digital photographs. In commercial printing, Kodak consolidated its global leadership in high-resolution, color printing systems. In healthcare, Kodak was a leader in digital dental imaging and was expanding its market share in digital X-rays.


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