Many MCC students are not from the Waco area. Some...

Your paper should be at least eight paragraphs.  In the introduction, provide any background information concerning the topic.  You may use some of the information above.  You may also include examples from friends or classmates to illustrate the issue.  Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction.  It states your position.  YOU MUST CHOOSE A SIDE.

Your next three paragraphs will present opposing arguments and refutations.  For example, in the paragraph following the introduction, present an opposing argument.  AN OPPOSING ARGUMENT IS AN ARGUMENT PRESENTED BY THOSE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOUR POSITION.  After you present the opposing argument, you should try to refute it.  A REFUTATION EXPLAINS WHY YOU DISAGREE WITH THE OPPOSING ARGUMENT.    This can be done in the same paragraph with the opposing argument encompassing the first half of the paragraph and the refutation making up the last half of the paragraph.  You need to present three opposing arguments and refute each, thus the three paragraphs.    If you cannot refute an argument, you may concede the point.

In the next three paragraphs, present three additional supporting arguments.  In other words, discuss three different reasons to support your position.  You may not use any of the points discussed in your refutations.  Remember each supporting argument must be discussed in a separate paragraph.

Your final paragraph is your conclusion.    Restate your thesis.  Review some of your main points.  You may also discuss how you believe this issue will be resolved or if you believe this issue will be resolved.

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