Identify any rhetorical devices you find in the fo...

Identify any rhetorical devices you find in the following selections, and classify those that fit the categories described in the text. For each, explain its function in the passage.

1.I trust you have seen Janet’s file and have noticed the “university” she graduated from.

2. The original goal of the Milosevic government in Belgrade was ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

3. Obamacare: The compassion of the IRS and the efficiency of the post office, all at Pentagon prices.

4. We’ll have to work harder to get Representative Burger reelected because of his little run-in with the law.

5. I’ll tell you what capitalism is: Capitalism is Charlie Manson sitting in Folsom Prison for all those murders and still making a bunch of bucks off T-shirts.

6. Clearly, Antonin Scalia is the most corrupt Supreme Court justice in the history of the country.

7. If MaxiMotors gave you a good price on that car, you can bet there’s only one reason they did it: It’s a piece of serious junk.

8. It may well be that many faculty members deserve some sort of pay increase. Nevertheless, it is clearly true that others are already amply compensated.

9. “Overall, I think the gaming industry would be a good thing for our state.”

—From a letter to the editor, Plains Weekly Record

10. It’s fair to say that, compared with most people his age, Mr. Beechler ispretty much bald.

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