he Omnivore’s Dilemma touches on several specifi...

he Omnivore’s Dilemma touches on several specific topics that are a part of our national dialogue on food: nutrition, dieting, and organic food. This dialogue underscores the bigger picture of our need to maintain good health and wellness to live a long life. Identify two or three factors that have made the greatest impact on your current health and wellness. Provide a summary of these factors and how they relate to your future health and wellness. Also, indicate whether the book has influenced you to consider making anychanges, and what suggestions you have for others to achieve optimal health and well-being.

1. Growing up in an athletic family.  We weren’t really star athletes, but my siblings and I all played sports all year round from 5 to 18.  I think running cross country was the most important sport, because I stuck with running even after high school.
2. Going vegetarian.  This took a long time.  I wasn’t ready for it at a younger age.  My family was big on meat.  I gave up eating anything with eyes completely only about 5 years ago, but was gradually cutting down and eliminating types of meat little by little.  It takes planning to do it properly.  Many vegetarians get chubby by eating too many carbs instead of substituting non-meat sources of protein.  They put on weight, have no energy, and then quit.
3. Mormon community.  Mormons don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or take anything with caffeine.  I’ve gone back on two of those three, but I am very happy I don’t smoke and that nobody in my extended family does either.

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