Examining Kodak in greater detail should help rein...

•Examining Kodak in greater detail should help reinforce the concept of technology innovation. Examine the major trends that cameras have progressed since the late 1800s. Try to examine what has happened in the industry and where Kodak made correct and incorrect choices. What area to believe would be best for Kodak to focus on in the future? Why?
•Voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP) has led to a shift in the S-curve. Explore the VOIP technology. Describe how the initial relationship between performance and effort changed (S-curve) with the introduction of VOIP. Describe what you think will happen as the relationship between performance and effort changes in the telecommunications industry.
•The opening vignette discusses the adoption of digital cameras. Examine the issue further by looking at the parallel growth of color inkjet printers. Discuss how one product complements the other. Also, discuss what you think the adoption of color inkjet printers would have been without the widespread adoption of digital cameras

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