Do several repeats of all experiments to see if th...

read carefully the sections below in your PopGen-manualor online:
1. Background Information
2. Introduction
3. Objectives
4. Before you begin

Answer the following questions: Do several repeats of all experiments to see if the outputs vary by chance, or if it looks stable, after changing different parameters.

Ass. 1: “Getting to know PopGenLab: Testing the Hardy-Weinberg Theorem ”

Does each month genotype have an equal chance of survival or is there a selective
pressure (positive or negative) on one or more genotypes using default settings? Is
there a change in allele and/or genotype frequency over time?

How do the actual genotype frequencies compare to Hardy-Weinberg predictions?
Did the results agree with your predictions (do several experiments to verify)?
Use Chi-square analysis with one degree of freedom to test your prediction.

How many generations does it take for a population to reach Hardy-Weinberg

Can different initial genotype frequencies lead to the same Hardy-Weinberg

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