Create a timeline tracking the major themes/paradi...

Create a timeline tracking the major themes/paradigm shifts in American History from the Columbus s voyages through the Mexican American War (1846 1848).

ii) Include the following in your descriptive analysis:

(1) The cultural patterns of the Native American groups prior to European colonization.

(2) The effects of British colonization on the Native Americans.

(3) The evolution of the socio political milieu during the colonial period, including Protestant Christianity s impact on colonial social life.

(4) The effects of the Seven Years War.

(5) The evolution of the concept of God given freedom of the individual stemming from the Protestant Reformation and developing through the American Enlightenment and the Great Awakening, and culminating with the Declaration of Independence.

(6) The evolution of the socio political and cultural milieu that created the conditions necessitating and including the formation of the:

(a) Declaration of Independence

(b) The Constitution (including the Bill of Rights)

(7) The character of George Washington and his precedent setting impact for future presidents.

(8) The evolution of Jeffersonian Democracy and its legacy, including:

(a) Louisiana Purchase

(b) The Second Great Awakening

(c) The Embargo Act

(d) Issues with the courts

(9) The War of 1812

(10) The Monroe Doctrine

(11) The evolution of Jacksonian democracy and its legacy including:

(a) The Nullification crisis

(b) The bank crisis

(c) The Trail of Tears

(d) The socio political effects of Manifest Destiny

(e) The causes and effects of the Mexican American War (1846 1848).

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