Create a hypothetical (yet realistic) marketing pl...

Create a hypothetical (yet realistic) marketing plan for your visionary product or service. Your product should not now exist on the market and should be targeted to a very limited geographic area. For instance,

describe the product or service and identify and justify a target market segment and customer profile. You should plan your strategy and explain exactly how you would go about successfully marketing your product. Finally, you must create a formal marketing plan using the outline of different sections of the plan in your text as guide.


  • 10–14 double spaced pages, standard 12 point font, standard margins
  • Note that the title page, abstract, or works cited page should NOT be included in the page count
  • A minimum of 5 sources is required
  • See the APA handbook for information on proper referencing and formatting.


  • Title page
  • Abstract (250 words or less)
  • Body of the Marketing Plan

o Name of product and market

o Analysis of the External Market

o Customer Analysis

o Competitor Analysis

o Marking Information

o Product

o Place

o Promotion

o Price

o Control and evaluation

o Forecasts and Estimates

o Timing

  • Reference Page (All sources listed in APA format)
  • Appendices

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