Bill of Rights and Amendments

Resource: Article V of the Constitution and the 27 amendments in the appendixes of The American Democracy

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you answer the following questions:

•    How and why do amendments become part of the Constitution?

•    What problems with the original document motivated the adoption of the Bill of Rights?

•    What have been the effects of the Bill of Rights?

•    What problems with the original document, or changes in society, led to later amendments? Choose one of the following groups to discuss:

o    Thirteenth through Fifteenth Amendments
o    Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-Third, Twenty-Fourth, and Twenty-Sixth Amendments
o    Twelfth, Twenty-Second, and Twenty-Fifth Amendments

•    What have been the effects of these later amendments?

Cite at least three sources to support the content of your paper.

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