based on what this person is saying write a critic...

based on what this person is saying write a critical debate with them and discuss wether there on right track or not
I agree that the predictions that Kurzweil had made for 2020 will come to past. What frightens me the most is the conversation of nanobots in the brain and performing as its conscious. I’m quote sure it will be intended for good, but what about malfunctions? It is a known fact that all technology is not excluded from malfunctions here and there. For example, I have a smartphone…that I do not believe is all that smart, especially when it freezes, or when the battery power is low, it calls random people or open applications on its own. I don’t even have many applications downloaded to the device, only the basic. Now we are to expect these operations to take place and perform the jobs that our bodies were built to do on its own? That’s creepy!

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