Are you thrilled or worried about the coming singu...

Are you thrilled or worried about the coming singularity and exponential technology advances? Make your case with specific supporting materials.

I cannot say that I am thrilled nor worried about singularity and exponential technology because it is still brand new to me. I need a better understanding. I did get the part that singularity is supposed to help with humanity’s greatest challenges. That could be a numerous things in numerous categories. If it is for the better, then I would be all for it. I am the type of person who likes to sit back and take in all aspects of something before I agree to apply it to daily living or where needed.  I would have to know both, pros and cons on this topic before I can make a sound decision on whether or not I am thrilled about it.

I say this, not to offend anyone, but in relevance to different creations that were supposed to help a situation, but instead it caused more problems in areas of malfunctions and budget crisis.

Whatever new technology is transpired in the future, I only hope that it is beneficial for everyone of all social and income statuses and not only used for the wealthy.

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