After his business has become incredibly successfu...

After his business has become incredibly successful, John writes a semi-factual book about his experiences in Bora Bora.  John remembers his life as highly adventurous and so he exaggerates a lot.  He calls the book The Taipan of Bora Bora.  (The word taipan in Chinese means a foreign business owner but it also is the name of a highly poisonous snake in New Guinea and northern Australia).  The character in the book would remind one of Indiana Jones or the arrogant astronaut types in space movies. 




     Discuss any intellectual property rights that John might have in his book.  How long do those rights last and what does John need to do to secure those rights (if anything)?


b.      If John hires Billy to draw the Taipan (a handsome pirate-type of character), what type of work is it?  Who has rights to use and distribute the character and why?  (20 points) 


c.       Professor Yordy at NAU wants to have a discussion about literary style.  He selects a passage from The Taipan of Bora Bora and requires students to read it.  The selection is 2 pages long (out of the 500 page book).  Professor Yordy also creates a power point slide using the drawing of the character.  Discuss whether Professor Yordy has violated anyone’s copyrights.  (10 points) 


d.      Jill, an author of books primarily about the South Pacific (where Bora Bora is) finds the character in John’s book to be fascinating and believes that her expertise in the South Pacific lends itself to a series of books.  She would like to write a novel called “The Taipan moves to Fiji.”   Discuss Jill’s book and John’s ability to stop her if he wants to do so.  (20 points) 


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