6. Please conduct a five forces analysis of the in...

Questions on Caribou Coffee

6. Please conduct a five forces analysis of the industry. In general is this an attractive industry. Explain.

7. Describe the internal environment of the company. What are its resources and capabilities? What core competencies does it possess? Are they the source of a competitive advantage? Explain.

8. Discuss Caribou Coffee’s business-level strategy (please provide evidence of this). Does the company have a good fit between its resources and capabilities and its business-level strategy? Explain. What threats do you see for Caribou given its business-level strategy? Be specific.

9. Imagine that you are the CEO of Caribou. What strategic actions would you take to grow the company (be specific and justify your recommendations with sound logic). What would you expect competitors would do in response (be specific). How should Caribou respond to these competitor reactions?


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