1] You are expected to have read Said’s R...

Project description
First you will want to gather your materials for the response paper. There are two sources to be
used for this response paper.
1] You are expected to have read Said’s “Introduction to Covering Islam.”
2] You will need to find a recent news article from a major newspaper with international
distribution (New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal,
London Times, Washington Post) which addresses an issue associated with Islam or Muslims.
You will write a 3-page paper responding to the following questions:
A] According to Said, how does the media represent Islam?
B] How does your newspaper article represent Islam or Muslims? What adjectives, nouns
and verbs are used in conjunction with Islam or Muslims or with persons appearing by
description or name to be Muslims? What is suggested by the use of these particular words?
Does Said’s proposal make sense of the way your article is written? If there are photos associated
with the article or included on the same pages, How are images used to create an idea of Islam?
Does this support or challenge Said’s thesis?
You will want to use these questions as your guide to insure that you are doing sufficient
analysis of each of your materials. Please be specific as you can be especially in analysis. Do not
use quotes from Said or from your article unless the particular wording is being discussed.
Instead include a photocopy of your newspaper article including any accompanying photos along
with your response. You must give citations whenever you are using someone else’s ideas or wordings. (Name date, page #) is sufficient. Type these responses.

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